Introducing the Mastermind creating the fastest growing list of client success stories in the Ireland...
Discover the battle-tested formula for making Extraordinary Growth in your business, the kind which will double, triple or even quadruple your income!
If you want Extraordinary Growth 
you MUST avoid The "Busy" Pitfall...
It's good to be busy. Afterall, if you're busy you must be doing something right?

Beware of the "busy" pitfall...

This "busy" pitfall entraps the vast majority of business owners and when you fall into it, you can expect slow progress and marginal gains. That's ok if you just want a lifestyle business that pays the bills. But if you are a high performer with lofty dreams and goals...5% growth just doesn't float your boat.

If that's you, then pay very close attention to what I am about to say.
Your business will NEVER out-grow your vision and plan for it. This is true no matter how busy you are, how hard you work or how good you get at your thing. 

Most business owners spend all their time and energy "baking the cakerather than the strategy for how to sell more cakes. 

Extraordinary Growth comes from developing a vision and strategy for your business and implementing a plan to make it happen. 

Ironically many business owners pride themselves on being "too" busy for vision and strategy. 
Being "too" busy is a red flag. 
It's a sign you have not allocated your resources properly and that you are not taking the necessary time to do your most important job as business owner - work on the vision and direction of your business. 

When this happens you condemn yourself to the role of "busy fool".

You sabotage your chances of making that extraordinary growth which is the main upside of owning your own business.

And rather than building a business that can provide the life of your dreams, you're left with the unenviable position of working round the clock for a modest income yet still taking all the pressure and risk of running your own business. 

If this sounds anyway're in luck!

You're about to find out how to fix that...
The Formula for Extraordinary Growth
This 4 letter acronym holds the secret to unlocking Extraordinary Growth.

"If you do what you have always done, you'll get what you have always gotten"
Mark Twain

In other words, ordinary actions won't cut it if extraordinary growth is your goal. 

Extraordinary growth requires extraordinary action. 
Action which is outside normal course of business.

So what is RAPS

- What are the extraordinary RESULTS you need to achieve?
- What are the extraordinary ACTIONS required to achieve those results?
- When do you PLAN to carry out those ACTIONS?
- And the final step is to SHARE this plan.

The two most important elements of RAPS are that results and actions must be extraordinary and secondly, you must share it with others.

Sharing your RAPS with other like-minded entrepreneurs gives your ideas, vision and goals more power and energy. By sharing with others, you will be held accountable to follow through on your RAPS as it grows and evolves.

And that's where the power of the XG MASTERMIND comes in.
The XG Mastermind helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners achieve extraordinary growth in their business. 

As a member of the XG Mastermind you along with 10 other highly successful entrepreneurs will meet monthly (facilitated by Stevey J or associated coach) to work on your RAPS and acquire the necessary skills needed to accelerate your growth. 

Here's exactly what you get...
  •  Full training and guidance on our unique RAPS methodology
  •  Private membership to your own templated progress log so you can track your growth from start to finish
  •  Private one-to-one sessions to work on your personal growth
  •  Essential skills needed for rapid business growth
  •  Accountability  and support from all members of the mastermind
  •  Group feedback and assistance with your specific challenges
  •  Exclusive membership to a club with a culture of openess, sharing and willingness to Mastemind on success
Why should you join the XG Mastermind?
  •  To enable you to start working ON, not IN the business.
  •  To get a crystal clear vision of our your big goals and direct your business towards them.
  •  Make your business work to finally deliver the lifestyle, income, and freedom you desire.
  •  Replace any limiting beliefs and lingering doubts with the certainty that comes from following a proven formula for growth.
  • Connect with a team of highly successful, motivated and supportive entrepreneurs who will encourage you every step of your journey.
  •  Gain new "must have" skills needed for rapid business growth.
  •  The XG Mastermind is the only system to use a scientific, results-based methodolgy for achieving extraordinary growth. If you follow the plan and take the action, your success will be undeniable.  
  •  Create the mind-set habits for high achievement.
  •  Make connections and nurture relationships which will last forever and help you to grow your business and life.
  •  Greater life satisfaction, peace of mind and increased energy levels that comes from getting clear on your results, actions and plan.
Who is the XG Mastermind for?
This is for you IF...
  •  You're an entrepreneur, business owner or high-performer who wants to experience extraordinary growth in your business.
  •  You have a burning desire to achieve more in business and life
  •  If you have plateaued in your business and can't seem to break through to the next level
  •  If you find yourself completely tied up in the day to day running with no time to plan or strategise your next move. You especially need the XG Mastermind.
  •  If you are ready and totally committed to follow through on the RAPS methodology. 
  •  You understand the life you want, the family you want, the wealth you want, the future you desire, depends on the business you build. 
  •  You are interested in building long term business relationships
  •  You can commit to 90% attendance or above 
  •  You will take action on your RAPS worksheet every month

This is NOT for you IF...
  •  You are content with mediocre results in your business
  •  You can't commit to the monthly meetings
  •  You don't want to move out of your comfort zone
  •  You are not willing to do the actions and track your progress
  •  You are happy to play the "busy fool" role
  •  You are afraid of being challenged to achieve your full potential
  •  Your fear of failure is greater than your desire for success
  •  If you are not willing to exchange a small amount of time for a greater amount of freedom
Extraordinary Results From Masterminders
"If I'm having a problem, I no longer feel isolated, that backup is there, and I feel stronger for it" Eddie Mulgrew (Market LED)
"We have had incredible success, building our base to 12,000 affiliates" Paul McCarthy (Netleaders)
"The support of the Mastemind helped me to set up a new venture valued at over $10 million" Ben Adams (E Maps)
"I'd say my business has grown by as much as 10 times. Stevey helps you create that vision for where you want to go and then give you the tools and skills and tools to get there" Ciaran Power (Physio)
"I have doubled my sales in 12 months since joining Stevey's mastermind" Joe Cunnane (TRA Professional Services)
"I have grown my business to 1200 employees with the aid of the Mastermind" Sally Murtagh (Irish Homecare Services)
"I have earned more money in the last 12 months, than in all the Celtic Tiger years" Paul O Quigley (Royal Windows)
"The Mastermind has a structured programme to ensure all members reach their full potential while at the same time allows the flexibility needed to ensure all members can achieve their personal goals" Caroline McGroary (Dublin University Lecturer)
"I set a goal to double my business revenue and profitability within 12 months and I've done that in less than a year" Iain Cahill (Art of Wealth)
"We have had incredible success going from a turnover of £70k to £430k in just one year" Paul Gordan (B4B Telecoms)
Mastermind Mentors
Stevey McGeown 
Stevey McGeown is an entrepreneur who at the age of 25 set up 13 health clubs nationwide and in 2003 was awarded as international franchisee out of 5000 businesses globally. He has travelled to the 4 corners of the World to train and work with the leading forces in the results industry and is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness.

For the past decade Steven McGeown’s life has been committed to assisting individuals and companies achieve extraordinary results, maximise their performance and activate more of their hidden potential.

Stevey has focused his energies on building a highly motivated and success focused team to deliver the extraordinary results that you need to achieve.

Their vision is to ensure you create lasting change which leads to greater fulfillment in both your personal and business life.
Kevin Young
My passion is to help you to have the life or the business you dream about. As simple as that. I want you to have the courage to do the things that scare you most and I’ll give you practical mind tools that support the changes.

Most of all, I want you to enjoy this journey, free from indecision, doubt and fear.

I work with individuals, organisations, charities and schools to inspire transformational change. During my life, I’ve been employed, unemployed and self-employed and believe that success always starts in the mind.

I‘ve spent 7 years managing and motivating teams at Vodafone. I’ve set up and run my own successful business for 8 years and I’ve worked collaboratively with Youth Enterprise NI (YENI) to deliver inspirational advice & guidance to schools and colleges throughout Northern Ireland.
ROI – 048 3751 8881

NI – 028 3751 8881

ADDRESS – Dobbin Place, Armagh, BT61 7II