Dear Friend and Colleague,

I want you to take a simple test. 

It's just for you. The questions are provocative and will reveal more about yourself than a month of therapy. 

I will explain why afterwards...

Here goes...

Scan through this list of questions...

(Don’t over think the answer. Instead, feel whether they relate to you or not. Deep down you'll know the answer)

1. Do you often complain or moan about circumstances to a friend, spouse or colleague?

2. Do you find fault in others at the slightest provocation?

3. Are you sarcastic, cynical or offensive in your conversation?

4. Are you frustrated with your occupation or business?

5. Do you often feel self-pity?

6. Are you envious of those who excel you?

7. Are you losing self-confidence as you grow older?

8. Do you tolerate negative or discouraging influences?

9. Do you “drown your troubles” by staying busy?

10. Do you resort to alcohol or drugs for an escape?

11. Are you often judgmental about others?

12. Are you constantly seeking approval?

13. Do you get stressed when you are not able to please someone?

14. Do you often second guess your decisions?

15. Are you easily persuaded to change your mind?

16. Do you shy away from talking about your dreams or goals?

17. Do you easily find reasons or excuses to delay an action which is important to you?

18. Do you ever find yourself starting statements with “If only I…”

Did you find yourself answering YES to 3 or more of the above?

If you did...continue to READ every word on this page

It will be the most important thing you can do for your future prosperity and happiness.


Because these questions above are tell-tale signs. 

Symptoms of a deeper problem. One that if not addressed, will forever hold you back from achieving your true potential.

The problem?...

It is the disconnect between your subconscious mind and your desires, wishes, dreams and goals. See, failure to align your whole mind (subconscious + conscious) towards one definite purpose will cause conflict in your life. In fact if not aligned, your subconscious mind may even work to sabotage your progress, no matter how hard you work, how much effort you commit, or how much money you invest.  

Luckily for you, the symptoms are easy to spot (see questions above) and 
the problem is simple to fix (keep reading to find out how).
“Make your success UNDENIABLE.”
It’s a bold statement right? - Only one possible outcome. YOUR SUCCESS!

You might be sitting there wondering why I would make such a bullish statement and be ultra confident this can apply to YOU. After all, I don’t know you, your struggles or even your goals and dreams. 

Thing is, I don’t need to. The only thing I need to be certain sure of is this…

"if you take action on what I share with you on this page and apply the 
AWAKEN YOUR INNER GENIUS program, fantastic things will be in store of for you. 
 Of that, I have no doubt."

What makes me so certain?

Because I have seen firsthand, the impact it has made on thousands of successful entrepreneurs and super achievers. In fact, there has NEVER been a case where I have not seen it produce life-changing results regardless of your background, knowledge, experience or goals.

It has been the single biggest factor in my own personal success and more importantly, has delivered success, created fortunes and turned chaos into calm for countless clients with whom I have had the great pleasure to share this with.
Just like my one of my clients, Peter who has kindly let me share his story so it may inspire you to take action and experience for yourself the abundance, prosperity and happiness when you awaken your inner genius.

(If you don’t mind…I am using a pseudonym for Peter as some of the details are sensitive and I don’t wish to compromise Peter or his family’s privacy in any way.)

Long story short…

A few years back, Peter was in major financial difficulty and was constantly chased by creditors even though the business no longer had the resources to trade. The pressure of it all was having a serious negative impact on his family life. 

I clearly remember the first time I met with Peter. He had been bottling up all the fear, anger and frustration for months, suffering in silence as he watched his life’s work get picked apart by scavengers and vultures. By the time he came through my doors, he was face down on the canvas and desperate for help. One thing about hitting rock bottom, only then are you really willing to do whatever it takes to make a change.

All it took on my part were a few insightful questions and out poured a floodgate of emotion. Everything was a mess and he just wanted to end it all. He was visibly upset and was filled with guilt and despair. Pretty much as dark a place as you can get as an entrepreneur. But even in the face of apparent insurmountable problems, I knew I could help Peter. I knew because I had helped 100’s of entrepreneurs recover from similar lows and I myself had experienced this level of despair and hopelessness early in my career. 

In fact, the biggest challenge I had with Peter was actually convincing him that the solution to all his difficulties was indeed a simple one and required very little effort to get started. AND that despite all his self-bashing, he was his own greatest resource and all we needed to do was rekindle his POWER FOR LIVING.

The starting point for his road to recovery would be to listen to and ACT upon 
AWAKEN YOUR INNER GENIUS audio...every single, solitary day.

I took Peter through a simple process that day and explained to him that conditioning his mind each day is key to his long-term success that we must train our focus and enthusiasm just like any habit you want to develop. Conditioning is the key. He left reinvigorated and committed to playing the audio daily.

The result?
Ever since that fateful meeting, I am delighted to say Peter’s recovery has been incredible. It was both dramatic and fast. Within a month he had secured the financial lifeline his business needed by winning a new contract. Today, he is doing better than ever with his business and regularly updates me about his successes and all is great within his family life too.  

This is just one story. I could share dozens if not hundreds, where I have personally witnessed this dramatic turnaround in fortunes. It’s why I feel compelled to put this product into as many earbuds and car stereos as possible. Because it changes lives. 
What exactly do you get with this audio product?
Two things actually. One, useless without the other.

First thing 

A collection of affirmations which I have curated over a period 10 years in the results industry. 

These affirmations are carefully chosen because of the message they deliver deep into your subconscious. A message which enables you to manipulate your own reality so that your success becomes, as the headline says, “Undeniable”.

(For those of you who never heard of affirmations…In short, an affirmation is anything you say or think. In this audio I select very deliberate positive affirmations. Ones that have been tried and tested to alter the course of your life for the better.)
Second thing 

This is the key ingredient. The secret sauce. The thing which burns the positive affirmation forever into your psyche and taps into the limitless power of your mind. That 97% of the mind which is your subconscious. The part that is so powerful, it is keeping you alive with every unconscious breathe you take, meal you digest or wound which automatically gets healed without you having to even think about it. Heck it even keeps you between the ditches when your conscious mind daydreams, changes a radio station or (ahem) makes a phone call whilst driving. Isn’t it strange how sometimes you reach your destination and you can’t remember half the journey. Unconscious competence, it is truly one of the miracles of the mind.
Imagine tapping into that power for the benefit of accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Funny thing about your subconscious...

It’s indiscriminate about right or wrong, a penny or a million pounds, a success or a failure! Because of that, it will believe whatever you decide to tell it and work silently on your behalf to make that thought or feeling, a reality. 
Picture that for moment. Imagine having your entire mind, not just the 3% conscious part…but your entire brain power working towards forging your dreams into a reality you can touch and experience. Do you think you would achieve more? Absolutely…you’d join that .001% of super achievers who perform at world class levels in all aspects of life. That’s why I call this audio "Awaken Your Inner Genius". 

So what is the secret sauce?

Emotional Intensity!

See it’s not just what you tell your subconscious (affirmations), but also HOW you tell it (incantations).

Using as much emotion as you can possibly muster up when reciting your affirmations. That’s what makes all the difference in the world. This audio will teach you how to unleash that primal emotion necessary to override your conscious filters so you can directly engage your subconscious mind.

Maybe the sceptic in you thinks this sounds like something from of a scientology meet up.

And that’s healthy. I want to question everything. 

But how about this for some reassurance of its power, impact and effectiveness.
Super achievers from the beginning of time right up to present day have always applied what you are about to put into practise…

people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs have all been active users of incantations and affirmations. If you have seen or read anything about Steve Jobs, you will have heard his staff talk about Steve's "Reality Distortion Field" to describe when he could get his staff to achieve the (almost) impossible. Well guess what folks, that's the power of incantations right there, and he used it to create the greatest company the world has ever seen.

So if it’s good enough for Thomas, Henry and Steve... well enough said.
Using this program you can expect to...
  • Cultivate an unbreakable inner confidence that will shine through every handshake, meeting or social engagement, making you a magnet for success among your peers. 
  •  Develop rock-solid self-belief for clear and easy decision making by simply trusting and following your “6th sense like” intuition. 
  •  Escape from destructive negative thought patterns, which chip away at your self-belief and make accomplishing your goals almost impossible no matter how hard you work or sacrifice.
  •  Nurture an inherent ability to find and encourage the best characteristics of others.
  •  Gain a deep sense of purpose and certainty so you stay on course in the direction of your big lifetime goals.
  •  Get control over your thoughts and feelings so you can take calm and considered action every day regardless of what obstacles or surprises you encounter.
  •  Banish the “impostor syndrome” which can sabotage your chances of success at the first sign of progress.
  •  Discover the mental freedom which comes from a more organised and disciplined headspace.
  •  Learn to experience deep levels of gratitude which is the perfect antidote to feelings of stress, anger, jealousy and neediness.
  •  Be compelled to take massive action on your most important tasks even in the face of stern resistance. Good riddance to procrastination. 

A simple solution…

Actually, it took me years and tens of thousands of dollars to fully appreciate the incredible power of combining affirmations with emotional intensity in a consistent daily ritual. A ritual that has directly contributed to millions in revenue and accomplishing world records such as 60 Ultra Marathons in 60 days.

It’s has been absolutely fundamental to every great achievement of my life and always used as one of the key tools when I work one to one with clients.

But this product has too much power to let a big price tag stand in the way of you trying it for yourself. I want as many people as possible to experience its benefits for themselves. That’s why for a limited time only we are releasing the product for just £47.

To be honest, I would happily give the product away for free if I knew you’d take immediate and definite action. But, experience has taught me that you won’t value it... if it’s free. And if you don’t value it, you won't use it, thus missing out on all the amazing results you will undoubtedly achieve by just taking action.

So do yourself a favour.
Get this product today.
So I have said my piece.

Now it’s in your hands.

I wish you all the success in the world and look forward to hearing about your big wins…

Now go and have an awesome day,

Stevey J

P.S. One of the very best parts of my career are the messages I get out of the blue from action takers and super achievers…
NOW just £20
Even though I am absolutely certain this program will produce dramatic results if you apply the very simple steps laid out in the audio, I want to take away all of the risk for you so there is absolutely no excuse to start right now. That's why I offer a full refund if you don't experience significant changes after following my instruction.
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